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Smart Homes

Smart HomesMediaBang is the leading provider of smart home technology and integration in Layton, Ogden, Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. We are the go-to source for the sales and installation of smart home automation systems provided by Control4.  We are an authorized Gold Status Dealer for Control4 devices.

The Smartest Dream Homes In Layton, Ogden & Salt Lake City

MediaBang takes your home to the Jetson-age lacking only Rosie the Robot. Imagine coming home to a house that greets you and welcomes you with warmth and light? The gate opens as you pull up, the garage door lifts and your entry door opens to allow you access. The shades automatically go down for privacy and the lights you need to have turned on to the exact brightness you prefer. You empty your arms loaded with your work, bag, and groceries onto the counter and breathe a sigh of relief as your favorite evening music fills the room. You immediately take your jacket off because your home is exactly the right temperature. This is the home MediaBang can create for you. Smart home automation is no longer a thing of the future.

Control4-TouchScreenWhy Program Systems Separately?

Sure, we already have many tools to make some of these things happen. We can install a smart thermostat, have timers on our lights, use our oven timer and install media docs right in our kitchen. Who wants to program all those separate devices, and when have they ever managed to be in-sync with each other, or more importantly with your needs? They never are. That is where MediaBang comes in with Control4 solutions.

Tying It All Together

Control4 systems can work with many of the systems you already have in place. They simply take your current devices, electronics, security systems, door openers, and thermostats and coordinate them to give you more control with fewer complications. No longer do you have to track down each device and program it, and then reprogram them all when the seasons change. MediaBang uses Control4 systems to tie all of your devices together and puts the control in the palm of your hand.

Smart Phone & Tablet Control

You will not only have the ability to turn items in your house on or off, but from your smart phone or tablet, you will have the ability to control your entire house. You can program lights to turn on and off at different times based on the seasons.

Set your “welcome home scenario” controlled by when you are on the way home, rather than a set time every night. Have security alerts tied to cameras so you can view what is happening at your home after receiving an alert. MediaBang will smarten your home up to the point that it understands what it should do when you are off to work, arriving home, or heading to bed.

You Have The Power

Once MediaBang has smartened up your home, you can be sitting at your desk, having lunch, running in the park, or half way across the globe and you’ll be able to see and control what is happening in your home through your cell phone, iPad, or computer.

You will have actual and immediate control rather than having to fumble with instruction booklets and find batteries for remote controls that don’t work properly. MediaBang will provide you with a phone app that makes control of your security system, door locks, lights, and appliances as simple as child’s play.

Saving Electricity & Impressing Your Guests

Smart homes reduce energy use. Lights no longer have to stay on all day when you forget to turn them off in the morning. Appliances only run as needed. Heating systems only run when required. All of this means less energy consumption. Sure, this will be a benefit to you and your pocketbook, but it goes beyond that. By converting your home to a smart home, you are reducing your carbon footprint and ill effects on the environment, and that benefits everyone.

Get A Free No-Obligation Consultation

Whether you want to start small or completely convert your house to a Smart house in one fell swoop, MediaBang can help.  Call MediaBang today for a free consultation to discuss your budget, goals, and home automation ideas.

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