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Custom Home Automation

Custom Home Automation

You know the term smartphone, where so many tools for managing your life are all in one place? Home automation is similar, but instead of a smartphone, you have a smart home with numerous components managed from a single user-friendly device.

Imagine coming home at the end of the day and unlocking the front door through an app on your phone. When you walk through the front door a minute later, you pick up your tablet and with a swipe of your finger adjust the temperature, turn on the lights, queue the TV to tonight’s game, and close the blinds before you even bother to head into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. Later, as the evening settles, switch from TV to a movie – either streamed or through the DVD player – lower the lights a bit, turn out the lights completely in your kids’ room at exactly the time you told them they needed to be in bed.  These are the conveniences that custom home automation provides for you and your family.

Someone at the door? See who it is by viewing your security camera feeds from your tablet.

Entertaining? Play music through all or some of the house to create the perfect ambiance. Maybe you have a CD collection that’s just the right thing, or perhaps you have created a playlist on iTunes or Spotify you want to share with your guests. Switch between devices, skip a song, change the mood at any time, from anywhere in the house using your smart phone or tablet.

Did you wake up in time to see the sunrise? Open the blinds while you sip your morning coffee, turn on the news from the same device you are checking your email on, and then wake up the kids by playing music through the home speakers – quiet at first, with the volume increasing the longer they try to stay in bed.

Maybe you are an hour from home when you realize you left the garage door open, the kitchen light on, or you forgot to set the alarm. Maybe you are out of town and worried that your kids forgot to shut down the home theater room after their friends went home for the night.

Custom Home Automation is one of the easiest ways to simplify your life through cutting-edge technology. Be the master of your castle with easy to use controls that put the details of your comfort and security, literally, at your fingertips.

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