Video & Audio

Video & Audio

Home Theater

Whether you are looking for a simple surround sound set up for a den or more sophisticated equipment for a dedicated home theater room MediaBang can create the perfect room for your needs. It is possible to enjoy your favorite movies within the comfort of your own home.

What's A Smart Home?

You know the term smart phone, where so many tools for managing your life are all in one place? Home automation is similar, but instead of a smart phone, you have a smart home with numerous components managed from a single user-friendly device. Maybe you’re an hour from home when you realize you left the garage door open, or the kitchen light on, or you forgot to set the alarm. Maybe you’re out of town and worried that your kids forgot to shut down the home theater room after their friends went home for the night.

Home Theater Solutions

Looking to create an enclosed home theater for that full-throttle movie experience? Or maybe you would prefer an open media center that utilizes the highest quality sound and image experience you don’t have to close the door to appreciate. Whatever your dream may be, Mediabang can make it happen. We can automate your settings to raise the lights when you pause the movie, open and close the blinds upon entry and exit from the room or based on a timer. You will be the master of every detail of your Media through simple-to-use controls and cutting edge technology that we combine with good old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Get Complete Audio Control

It’s surprising that in the age of technology, it seems that listening to music has become more complicated rather than less. People now have media players from record players to CD players to electronic media players and depending on their mood or the music they have available – but you may want to use any one of them at any given time. Don't be tied down to the weak sound on portable devices or wires and power cords messing with your enjoyment of music. Control your sound everywhere in your house with an easy to use system.

Control Your Home From A Smart Phone

In the palm of your hand, you will not only be the ability to turn items in your house on or off, but from your smart phone or tablet - you will have the ability to control your entire house. You can program lights to turn on and off at different times based on the seasons. Set your "welcome home scenario" controlled by when you’re actually on your way home, rather than a certain time every night. Have security alerts tied to cameras so you can view what is happening at your home after receiving an alert. MediaBang will smarten your home up to the point that it understands what it should do when you’re off to work, arriving home, or heading to bed.

Let There Be Light

There are several different types of lighting systems we can install to make your home outfitted with the best lighting technology available. We will make sure your new lighting system is Installed and programmed to fit your needs. Our lighting systems can be built into custom homes. They also can be retrofitted into existing homes. The system can stand alone, or integrated with other smart home features.

“We remodeled to add a dedicated theater room, and now thanks to MediaBang it is our favorite room in the house!” - R. Jensen, Kaysville, UT

Get A Smart Home

Get A Smart Home

Home Automation

We are Utah's source for smart home automation. We specialize in full automation, where your entire house can be controlled through a central control panel. We are an authorized Gold Level Dealer for Control4®, a leader in providing the technologies behind smart homes. Call us in Layton, Ogden or Salt Lake City. 

What Is Home Automation?

Over the past few years, there have been enormous changes to the way we live in our homes. Imagine if you could have central control for all the systems in your home. With home automation, you can control a wide variety of household functions by remote control or via your smartphone or tablet, at home or on the go.

Home Automation

The goal of home automation is to give you maximum control over the features of your home remotely from the palm of your hand. This includes climate control, multi-room audio & video, video surveillance, lighting automation, window shade control and more. So if it’s a particularly hot day and you’re getting ready to head home from work, you can remotely start your AC and come home to a cool and comfortable environment.

Audio and video systems also benefit significantly from the use of home automation. With a home automation system from MediaBang, you can control the song and audio level of music throughout your home as well as control what is playing on the televisions throughout your home with a simple and powerful touch interface.

MediaBang uses the finest products to run home automation systems in your Utah home. We only install top quality products that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment in your home.